We have posted the reviews received from customers.

Azu, who is doing kimono remake in Tokyo, is doing various remakes.

Please feel free to contact us because we are preparing kimonos that are no longer used or we are preparing kimonos.

  • Tomesode to long dress


    I regularly give lectures in China. Every time, a professional photographer will take a picture of the lecture, so be careful of your costume. When I was looking for Japanese-style clothes with a good taste, I met azu-san's Japanese dress! This time, I ordered a long dress with a remake of colored sleeves and delivered it in time for my business trip. As soon as I wore it at the lecture in Shanghai, many people praised the dress ♪ It is very nice to say that this is the only dress in the world made by remake of Japanese kimono! Was highly praised. Wampeas is easier to wear than kimono, and when you wear it, it will be gorgeous and you can show respect to the other party, so it is convenient to have one when going abroad. think. I'm also looking forward to making Japanese pieces with furisode, and I'm looking forward to that too!

  • Japanese piece using obi and georgette fabric


    I always ask for a custom dress
    Mr. Kimiyo Higashi designed and produced it. The pattern of the Shozoin pattern of the obi (the eyes of the phoenix have become ♡) and the obi that is produced from the obi...I fell in love with the timeless view of the universe at a glance. We are obsessed with, and we have a great deal of trust. The finished product is far beyond the image... A mariage with Japanese traditional beauty, soft chiffon sleeves, and a chiffon ribbon stall... It will take you to a wonderful area that you never thought of. Thank you very much. (Coach in 50s)

  • Emma


    I purchased Kashukuru One Piece from furisode. I am always complimented when I wear it, and I love it because it is gorgeous. (Tokyo 40s)

  • Kirarin


    I'm a magician, so I asked for Kimono Japanese Peace as my costume. The size is perfect, and I am very satisfied with the result that is more than the image.
    I'm glad that I can wear it not only on stage but also everyday. (Kanagawa 50s)

  • Lily


    The Japanese piece that azu was wearing was so wonderful that I asked for it and gave it to me. I'm a calligrapher, so the Japanese image is perfect. I wear it so much that my image is made of azu's Japanese piece! It's my favorite! (Chiba 40s)

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