We make clothes that are perfect and comfortable for our customers.

As a made-to-order clothing store, it has become a hot topic to come close to customers' requests and provide products that are close to their wishes. We will spend time carefully with the meeting, and by the hands of an experienced dressmaker and one-piece producer, we will make the best clothes that are comfortable and complimentable to our customers.
If you have a kimono that sleeps in a chest of drawers, why not remake it and create new value? We will provide you with clothes that can be used again with a beautiful Japanese piece.

We named the special clothes made from kimono as Wan Peace

At a store in Kita-Aoyama, we are making remakes using kimono that sleeps in a chest of drawers. Since it is an order system, we listen carefully to the detailed requests from our customers and aim to achieve a finish that is satisfying. It is a clothing that carefully preserves the "wa" of the kimono, so we named it "wampeas." We hope that everyone will know the charm of this Japanese peace piece and that it will spread.
In addition to dresses, you can finish various things such as shirts, skirts, jackets, and also make pouches and bags. It is also recommended that you take advantage of the sturdy construction of the kimono and obi so that you can use it for everyday use. We want you to enjoy the pattern and characteristics of the kimono, and you can use it as a point of coordination, so you can discover new fashion.

Let's make only one Japanese piece in the world with your size

We will take measurements when you visit the store and will spend time carefully discussing it. You can choose from three designs: Kashcourt dress, A-line dress, and shirt dress. From there, you can arrange it according to your wishes, so you can expect a finish closer to the image. It takes 3 weeks from arrival to the store, but if the date you want to wear is decided, we will try to deliver it by that day as much as possible.
We would like to use it for local people who have difficulty in coming to the store due to the distance to the store, so that you can also order by email and photo exchange. In addition, we also have online meetings using Zoom etc., so please contact us once.

Exciting happiness with clothes created by the Japanese Peace creator

As a representative, the Japanese Peace Creator proposes designs and fabrics that suit the customer with sensitivity and intuition and provides praiseable dresses, which have been well received. I wanted to make a woman of the world wear a dress and discover my new self, so I started making a custom-made dress. Recently, we have been proposing a new Japanese piece that remakes the kimono, taking advantage of the materials and properties of the kimono and the obi, which has become a hot topic.
If you have more than one kimono in your home, you may be wondering, "Which kimono should I use?" "What kind of design would look good?" Please feel free to contact us please. We will make various proposals such as dressing casually, dressing up for each event or on a gorgeous day, so please do not hesitate to tell us your request until you are satisfied.