Is there a kimono that you haven't worn for many years in your chest of drawers? We will transform the kimono into the best clothes that can be praised with a design that suits the customer. You can change it to various things such as one piece, skirt, jacket, coat, dress. You can also use it with one point, such as making the whole with jersey material or using only a part of the belt. Not only sleeping kimonos, but also kimonos used in ceremonial ceremonies and children's 753 kimonos can be made.
It is presumed that it is an important kimono inherited from grandmothers and mothers, but we are aiming for a finish that will satisfy all customers, and at the meeting we will talk carefully until we are satisfied, so we are particular about it Recommended for those who want to make clothes. You can convey the charm of the kimono you have inherited in a new way, and by incorporating it in your usual fashion, you can produce a coordination different from the surroundings.