Making good use of kimono and making clothes that can be worn everyday

If you are looking for a store that can remake kimono in Tokyo, please consider a store where you can make Wan Peace. We have veteran dressmakers and one-piece producers who can help you design a kimono that you don't wear to suit your needs and create complimentable clothes.
Why not make only one Japanese piece in the world with your own kimono and your desired design? For your reference when you have a meeting, we have posted photos of what we made in the past. We hope that you will be able to visualize what you can make with a kimono remake by looking at the photos, so please use it.

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Do you have anything sleeping in a chest, such as kimonos that your grandmother or mother gave you, kimonos worn by yourself such as an adult ceremony, and kimonos used by your children's Shichigosan? Kimonos are expensive, and many people don't throw them away. It's a shame to put such a wonderful kimono to sleep. We will help you to make shirts and dresses that you can wear casually by making use of wonderful kimono materials.
Also, when remaking from kimono to clothes, design is very important. We will make clothes that professionals can praise and think together with customers' wishes. We have posted the clothes of our customers so far, so if you would like to remake your kimono, please refer to it. You can become more interested in kimono remakes by creating an image such as "what kind of product will be finished?"