Make great use by remaking clothes that are easy to wear as everyday wear

If you are looking for a kimono remake shop in Tokyo, please come to a shop with veteran dressmakers and One Piece Producers. We are used by many customers, and we will ask you various questions. These are listed together, so please refer to them when using.
It would be a little courageous to remake the precious kimono at home. We have answered the questions you have received so far, so please take a look and eliminate the anxiety. You can rest assured that we will carefully proceed over the discussions as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Either is fine, but please note that we do not wash them.

If possible, I would like you to bring it as it is.

Yes, please bring it with you.

We have kimonos available, so you can choose one, but a separate kimono fee will be charged.

Cleaning basket It can be cleaned by hand washing at home (such as silk detergent).

You can try on them.

Approximately 3 weeks (Please contact us if you would like to finish it soon.)

It is possible to send it, so please contact us.

It is possible if it is fixed within one month after delivery.

Requests are possible, but please note that you will receive the necessary information for production.

Cash, transfer, credit card (VISA/MasterCard/JCB/American Express/Diners/)

Since starting the service of remaking kimonos that I no longer wear, I have made various works. We have many dresses, skirts, jackets, bags and pouches. It would be even more satisfying if the kimono that had been taken by the mother was used to make it into a dress that would be easy to wear and feel familiar. In addition, you can remake the kimono that children used in Shichigosan and use it as extra clothes. We are glad to hear from customers who have used the product, saying that "you can enjoy various uses".
If you have a kimono that has fallen asleep at your home, we will transform it into a nice outfit and make the best complimentable Japanese piece that suits you. It's designed only for customers, and the same one doesn't exist, so it can be worn not only as everyday wear, but also on special occasions such as events and parties, making the customer shine more than usual.