We also propose new designs that suit our customers.

We provide kimono remake service in Tokyo, and many customers have been happy to hear about it. In order to make Kimono that sleeps in a chest play again, we have made various efforts so far. We are ready to meet various requests from our customers, so please feel free to let us know.
You can make dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, and even dresses, so you can use it in various situations from everyday life to special occasions.

Operating a kimono remake shop in Tokyo and experienced staff will respond

It is run by a mother who has worked as a dressmaker for many years and a daughter who is expanding her activities as a Japanese peace creator. From various experiences, we are able to offer clothes that are as close as possible to our customers' wishes. We have made a good use of our sensibilities and intuition to propose dresses that look good and have been well received. We will keep kimonos that are very important to our customers and remake them, so we believe that trusting relationships will be very important even for customers who are new to us. We will take the time to discuss the matter slowly until you are satisfied, and we will make a proposal that you feel will be okay if you leave it to us.
Kimono is also available at the store so that people who are reluctant to remake their own kimono and those who do not have kimono at home can experience the wonderfulness of Wan Peace. ,Please feel free to contact us. Why don't you try to make clothes for your customers that you can't find anywhere else by making good use of kimono?

We received comments from customers who experienced kimono remake.

Wanpeace is also useful as a costume for events such as lectures and parties that stand in front of a large number of people. Customers who wanted dresses that retain their Japanese flair, said, "A lot of people came to compliment our dresses at our overseas events." I got it. I felt that the wonderfulness of Japanese music is transmitted not only in Japan but also overseas. It is easy to wear if it is a Japanese piece, and we expect that it will attract more attention in the future.
You can make only one outfit in the world that suits your size and taste. We cut out the good parts of the kimono and have devised ways to make use of them in clothes. Our experienced staff will propose the best clothes for you. Please make a reservation in advance by phone as it will be possible to respond smoothly if you make a reservation.

We also make custom made dresses.

We also accept orders for made-to-order dresses by the representative One Piece Producer. Since we have about 200 kinds of fabrics, you can choose the one you like and make the ideal design. We will make a comfortable size for our customers and deliver wonderful clothes that are unique in the world. Although it is a system that allows you to order from the Internet, if you have a request such as "I really want to meet and consult," "I want to see the fabric directly," "I want you to measure," please feel free to come. ..
When you visit the store directly, we listen to your requests directly and propose designs and fabrics that suit your needs. Even if you only have a vague image, we will hold a meeting until you are satisfied while drawing out your thoughts. We pay close attention to detail and realize a dress only for our customers. Let's make wonderful clothes together.