The clothes are perfect for you

As a kimono remake store operating in Tokyo, we carefully and timely discuss and propose an appropriate design so that the product will meet the customer's wishes. By carefully taking into account the size and atmosphere, you can create a wonderful outfit for your own world.
Is there a kimono sleeping in your chest of drawers? It's a waste to have a kimono made of good fabric just sleeping. Why don't you remake it and use it again as everyday clothes?

Clothes handled by seasoned dressmakers and one-piece producers

I am involved in the remake of kimono, and I am operating as a mother of a veteran dressmaker for 60 years and a parent and child of my daughter who is a one-piece producer. Shirt professionals and one-piece professionals will make the most of their experience to transform their precious kimono into even more beautiful clothes. We can handle any kimono, such as those given to you by your grandmother or your mother, furisode that you wore during your adult ceremony, or those you wore when your child was 753.
Although we cannot throw it away, we have started this kind of business in light of the fact that many people are in trouble because they do not have the opportunity to wear it. "Don't miss the timeless view of the universe. I have a great deal of trust." "It was praised for being beautiful when I wore it at overseas performances." "It gives hope to shape." "The result is beyond the image." We have received many happy comments, such as "I am there." The happy faces and voices of our customers are a daily encouragement.

It is a topic in word of mouth that you can utilize the sleeping belt with the kimono

Although we are offering services as a remake of kimono, you can also change the obi that is kept together into clothes. The obi is a woven fabric, and we are very elaborate one by one when we couldn't mass produce it like we do now. Let's make use of such a wonderful obi. For obis, which are thicker and more solid than kimono, we recommend jackets, tight dresses, and bags. In addition, there are various methods such as whether to make everything with obi or to use it partially. Please feel free to contact us as we will finish it to your liking. You will realize your own thing that no one has.
Please think about what kind of thing you want to change by spreading the sleeping belt in the chest. We will also help you. Why don't you make one together in the world, something that everyone can praise? We look forward to your inquiry.

Various clothes such as one piece are completed

As a store that remakes kimonos in Tokyo, we make various things such as dresses, shirts, skirts, jackets and bags. Many kimonos here have the image of women. You can also make shirts for men from such women's kimono. Since many customers have made various clothes, we have many ideas for drawers. We will make every effort to ensure that you have peace of mind during the meeting. We will guide your important kimono into clothes that everyone around you can admire.
Customers who have used the product in the past have received many happy reviews, such as "The dress is the only one in the world and it was praised by the people around." Why don't you remake the kimono with memories into clothes and make new memories? You can deliver the charm of a kimono by using it in a new shape.