Kimono that has been sleeping for many years can be used again

There are many apparel stores in Tokyo, but among the customers who use it, it is popular that the kimono can be remade and the finished product will be highly satisfying. Some people would like a kimono or one obi, and some would like a dress, and some would like to make a skirt or jacket, so the number of works will increase with the number of customers.
If you want to remake your kimono and get new clothes, we have veteran dressmakers and one-piece producers.

Let's take out the kimono that is still in the chest

Do you have an important kimono with memories, such as your own kimono or your mother's kimono? It would be a shame if kimonos and obi made of wonderful fabrics have been sleeping for a long time. We will transform it into a nice outfit, so if you have a problem that you can not throw it away because you have no chance to wear it, we recommend that you consult us once. We will make a proposal that suits your wishes.
Even if you keep a kimono as a keepsake, you will find it more familiar and more enjoyable if you have more opportunities to remake it as everyday wear. While incorporating the customer's intention, we will keep the image of “Japanese” in Japan and consider the design of gorgeous and wonderful clothes. Our experienced dressmakers and one-piece producers, who have produced a lot of clothes, will respond to your requests. Not only for everyday wear, but also for parties and other events, it will be suitable for costumes and bring out the appeal of customers.

Please experience the goodness of Japanese clothes made from kimono.

After realizing how good a kimono is and how to put the spotlight on a kimono that has become rarely worn these days, we decided to start this kimono remake service. We keep close to the worries and wishes of our customers, finish them into products that will satisfy them, and strive to make clothes that allow the lost kimonos to shine again.
After using the service, "I have become a huge favorite" "I have a tremendous trust due to my genius creator power and mysterious charm" "I am grateful for the impactful encounter We received a voice such as "Masu" and gained a good reputation. We have been very encouraging to hear from customers like this, and we will continue to work hard to meet our customers' expectations. Kimono that has been handed down for generations can be used in a new shape, so it is recommended for those who are in trouble with a kimono that cannot be disposed of.

Kimono remake is also available from rural areas

We opened a kimono remake store in Tokyo. When we take care of your precious kimono, we make a careful meeting and listen to your wishes until you are satisfied with your proposal. Thanks to that, I got a lot of trust. However, we would like people who live in areas far from Tokyo to use it, so we decided to incorporate email and photo exchanges and online meetings using Zoom etc. We will meet at the same level as when you actually visited the store, and we will make clothes that will satisfy our customers.
We will respond to detailed requests such as "I want to use the pattern on the kimono or obi" or "I want to add functionality by adding a pocket". Please feel free to contact us. We will make use of the experience we have cultivated so far to help customers' fashion, so let's make the best clothes that are comfortable for you.