You can give your kimono a chance to play again

We operate a kimono remake shop in Tokyo and make clothes using customers' kimonos. Meetings are carefully made over time, and we aim to create clothes tailored to the customer's size and needs.
If you are uncomfortable with changing your kimono into clothes, we have kimono available at the shop, so you can request it. We will open every day with the feeling that we want various people to know the appeal of Wan Peace, and we will strive to have a reputation not only in Japan but in the world.

Let's make kimono into Japanese piece and widen the range of fashion

Do you have any kimonos sleeping in your chest of drawers? Kimonos have been worn less often, but why not remake them into clothes and put them into active use again? This 60-year-old veteran dressmaker and one-piece producer will transform your kimono into a wonderful Japanese piece. We have been refining our technology day by day with the aim of being the “best compliment for clothes”. We would like to use kimonos to bring out the appeal of our customers.
You can use it as a dress, shirt, skirt, or jacket. We will take the time to have a meeting and finish the clothes according to your wishes, so please let us know your requests until you are satisfied. Why don't you make a unique Japanese piece for yourself in the world?

We have a store within walking distance from the nearest station

It is open in a building in Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, and you can walk to it from "Gaienmae Station" or "Omotesando Station" on the Ginza Line or "Omotesando Station" on the Hanzomon/Chiyoda Line. However, for customers who live in rural areas and have difficulty in coming to the store, we also support email and photo use and online meetings using Zoom etc., and make all customers attractive with clothes remade with kimono We want you to know.
Using the kimonos that have been handed down from generation to generation, and using your favorite kimono, the customer's image and intention are taken into consideration, and the measurements are carefully done to create a comfortable Japanese comfort piece. Will be. It's suitable not only for everyday wear but also for special occasions, so why don't you join us in making wonderful clothes together?

Let's broaden your fashion range with kimono remake

We have Kashcourt dresses, A-line dresses, and shirt dresses. From there, it can be arranged according to the customer's request, so you can have one and only one dress for you. In addition, we will try on samples and tailor them to your size, so you can get comfortable clothes. You can make various things such as dresses, skirts, jackets, coats, dresses, etc. By incorporating them in your usual coordination, you can enjoy a little different fashion from the surroundings.
Those who say "I don't have my own kimono," "I'm afraid to use the kimono I have at home," or "I would like to wear a Japanese piece," will incur a separate kimono fee, but use the kimono at the shop. You can make it, so please experience the praised Japanese fashion.

Please refer to it when you remake your kimono.

We have remade the kimonos that various customers have. Nothing is the same. Even if the kimono and obi are the same, the image will change dramatically just by changing the shape and size. At the time of the meeting, we will listen to the customer's wishes and propose a design that suits the atmosphere and body shape, so please feel free to leave it to our experienced staff. In addition, I have uploaded the works of past customers here, so please use it as a reference for the image. It is also useful when you want to convey an image during a meeting.
We have updated many works in order to let many people know the charm of Wan Peace. We will continue to hone our skills every day with the aim of making clothes that people who look at will want to wear such clothes. We look forward to your use.

The staff who will make Wan Peace as a kimono remake will be updated

It has become a hot topic that there are shops where you can remake your kimono so that you can wear it again. Do you have any worries that your grandmother or your mother has given up your kimono and is sleeping in a chest of drawers? To solve the problem, I remade kimono and started making clothes. Since we try to make Japanese-style pieces that match the size and taste of our customers, we have received many comments from our customers.
The blog has a wealth of contents including design introductions and the latest information on stores. We are also posting advice etc. on how to make the dress look good. In addition to the remake of kimono, we also make custom dresses and introduce them. If you are interested in one-piece dresses that are unique to you, please have a look.