Kimono remake school is different from ordinary dressmaking class! Tokyo kimono remake azu

2020/11/08 Classroom

At Tokyo Kimono Remake azu,

Classrooms are also held at any time.

There are many kimonos, so I want to make one myself!

In response to the request

We are helping to make wonderful kimono remake clothes.

I will make it while discussing what kind of clothes to make a kimono, so

Anyone can make wonderful clothes!

Design is the most important thing for kimono remake clothes, so

By thinking about it together,

You can make kimono remake clothes that will surely be complimented.

Kimono remake clothes

There are some difficult points if you make it by yourself.

It's a waste to wear clothes that you can't wear your precious kimono, so

We recommend that you spend some money to learn at first.

For those who already have skills in dressmaking classes,

How to make is the same as ordinary clothes,

The way of thinking of design and how to use the fabric are different.

In the case of kimono, it is different one by one,

Basically, understand the structure of kimono,

And will it be nice as clothes!

That is the most important thing.

Would you like to make nice clothes?

For more information, please see the classroom below.