Kimono remake class will start! Tokyo Aoyama Kimono Remake azu

2020/09/20 Classroom
Kimono dress lineup

Have you been doing a kimono remake class lately?

We often receive inquiries.

I wasn't actively recruiting because the store wasn't large, but

This time, I moved around the shop and

We decided to recruit a kimono remake class in earnest.

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With a small group of 1 to 3 people

My mother, who has been in charge of technology for 65 years, is in charge of technology.

I am in charge of design.

Together, the two will liven up the kimono remake class.

Design is the life of kimono remake!

This will determine if you can make a nice kimono remake.

We can provide the technology that we actually provide to our customers.

This is pretty valuable.

I will not tell you the pattern.

Those who wish for a pattern will be charged separately.

You can actually make kimono remake clothes right away.


And I will teach you how to make it speedily.

I don't sew.

you have to,

We promise that you can make wonderful kimono remake clothes.

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries, tours, and experiences (5,000 yen per hour).