What do you do with woolen kimono? Tokyo kimono remake azu

2021/03/06 blog
Wool kimono cache-coeur dress

Do you have a woolen kimono?

Do you think you will wear it in the future?

You don't wear a woolen kimono ...

I think there are many people who think that.

If it's pure silk, it's still wool ...


Wool kimono is often seen lightly in kimono, but since it is originally a kimono that is usually worn, it can be used as a kimono for everyday wear!

Well, is that so?

I think some people may be surprised,

A solid wool kimono is highly recommended as a casual outfit.

You can wear it for everyday wear, but of course you can also wear it for going out.

The photo is a cache-coeur dress from a woolen kimono.

It's a classic pattern, but don't you think it's pretty nice?

Wool kimono dress

A cache-coeur dress from a woolen kimono.

Wool kimono remake dress

There is tension and volume comes out,

Firm and easy to wear

It is recommended.

You can wear it from October to April, so you can wear it for a surprisingly long period of time.

Wool kimono might have been a set with haori ... Do you remember?

Wool kimono dress

This is also a dress from a woolen kimono. It's hard to understand, but I'm boldly switching.

It is a remake from the mother's kimono.

Wool kimono dress

A dress from a woolen kimono with a slightly interesting pattern.

The sleeves also use the unique volume of wool.

Wool kimono dress

This is a dress that is a combination of woolen kimono and jersey material.

A mohair-style jersey with a volume that is comparable to woolen kimono is used to connect at the waist.

Kimono remake can be combined in various ways to make your clothes more than you can imagine.

Why don't you wear a kimono that has been kept in a chest of drawers forever?