What do you do with Tomesode? ③ Tokyo kimono remake azu

2021/03/04 blog
Tomesode skirt

What do you do with Tomesode?

I have no plans to wear it anymore

I will never wear it in the future,


Tomesode is a special kimono, so

It is a kimono that has no turn other than the wedding ceremony of children.

But the kimono is very prestigious

It's a kimono that is more elaborate and expensive than other kimonos.

As a kimono, it is not a kimono that is usually worn, but

As clothes,

It will be very convenient and nice clothes!

The main thing is black, which is a kimono that is easy to take in when you make clothes.

How about the long skirt in the photo?

If you combine it with a simple black sweater, you can easily wear it nicely.

The design and pattern of the tomesode are important.

Please leave it to us!

Tomesode skirt

This is also a skirt that uses tomesode.

This is made by joining thin parts together without using the main handle.

The back is made of jersey material, which makes it easy to wear, making it a skirt that you can easily wear without worrying about wrinkles.

Tomesode dress

This is a cache-coeur dress from my grandmother's tomesode.

I received an order to wear it for my brother's wedding.

Since this customer is breastfeeding, it is a dress that is easy to breastfeed, so I chose a cache-coeur dress.

Tomesode dress

I have a pretty long one-piece dress.

As a customer in his thirties, he is young and uses the pattern only on the top.

This is very important because the impression changes completely depending on how the pattern is used, so I will think about it very much when making it.

I think about how to use the pattern according to the customer's request and image, so

I'm worried about what I can do!

Please feel free to leave it to us.

Tomesode skirt

It is a skirt from Tomesode.

There is an impact, but in winter I think you can wear it nicely even with this volume.

Would you like to revive the kimonos that have been sleeping in the chest of drawers?

I will do my best to help you!