Tomesode remake before and after! Tokyo kimono remake azu

2021/01/20 blog

Do you have tomesode?

And do you plan to wear it?

Some may have children planning to get married.


I'm already married

I have no idea when to get married,

No children,

Isn't there some people who don't have a tomesode?

Tomesode has no chance to be worn except for children's weddings.

It is such a luxurious kimono.

And it is the most prestigious kimono.


By the way, the customer in the photo was married to a young lady the other day.

Before that, there was a consultation,

If you rent a tomesode at the Palace Hotel, it seems to start from 38,000 yen, so I'd like to buy it at Mercari and then make it into a dress. When.

That's a nice idea!

So, when I bought it at Mercari, I consulted about which one would be better if I made it into a dress, and then I bought it.

That is the tomesode in the photo.

This customer has already changed from some kimono and obi to one piece


So I think I came up with it this time as well.

And on the day of the wedding, I brought a tomesode at night because I will be staying at the Palace Hotel tonight. (Because I live in Gunma prefecture)

And here is the one-piece tomesode.


How about?

I think I was able to remake it very nicely.

Please consult with us in advance about how to put out the pattern.

When I brought this gold around my face, my face became brighter, so oh! this is good! So,

I decided to use a pattern near the skirt and face, and after that, I thought about which pattern to bring to where, and so on.

This is the finished product.

There are many things that you can't understand until you actually try it, so it's important to decide before cutting, so take enough time there.

Once you cut it, you can't change it anymore and there is no substitute, so this is the most important thing.

When wearing a kimono with tomesode, the pattern is only around the hem.


If you use the same pattern as a kimono when making clothes, it will be easy to make clothes with a strong impression of kimono, so imagine a kimono

I try to make clothes that will not let you.