Don't dispose of the obi! How to use obi! Tokyo kimono remake azu

2021/01/17 blog
Obi dress

I write a lot about how to use the obi.

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Obi dress

Obi skirt

Have you come up with the image of an obi dress?

Yes, not only the kimono but also the obi can be remade wonderfully!

The obi is hard unlike the kimono, so you can make a nice remake that is a little different from the kimono.

The photo is a dress with a gold belt.

I use a thick off-white jersey material.

Exactly the obi! It's a dress to wear.

By using jersey material, it covers the hardness of the obi and makes it easy to wear.

Obi dress

The customer who purchased it seems to be wearing it according to the jacket.

In this way, the obi dress becomes a clickable dress that can be used for work.

Obi dress

This is a design that you can wear more easily because it uses a thin band partially.

Customers of this dress always wear it casually with their pants. There are many jersey materials, so you can wear it comfortably even with an obi dress. This is designed so that you can wear it as it is.

If it is not so easy to wear, it may not be possible to wear it even if you make it, so it is important to design it so that you can wear it easily.

Obi dress

In addition, one piece with a small obi area!

Most are jersey materials, with obi only around the hem.

By reducing the number of obi, I think you can bring out the goodness of the gorgeous obi.

In front of the obi dress
Behind the obi dress

I also use a little obi on the back.

I think there is such a design when the obi is too gorgeous.

Please consider remaking the obi.