What is an obi dress? Tokyo kimono remake azu

2021/01/16 blog
Obi dress

What are you doing with the obi?

Those who think that there is no choice but to dispose of it,

It's a waste!

Even those who have the image that kimono becomes clothes

Are you wondering what to do with the obi?

The obi will also be a wonderful dress!

For example, the dress in the photo is

It is the time zone of this customer's 753.

"I really liked it and wanted to do something."

I was pleased to say that.

The obi is stretched on the black jersey material as it is. The goodness of the obi comes out as it is.

The back, which is prone to wrinkles, is made of jersey so you don't have to worry about wrinkles.

The black obi is familiar when used in this way, and you can see that it is a obi, but it's nice! It will be a nice dress.

Obi dress

In the same way, this dress uses mainly the obi as the jersey material.

Don't you think this is a dress that you can wear for work?

This usage is recommended for black obi.

Obi dress & jacket

This is a gold obi

I made a jacket and a dress.

The dress is sleeveless and uses a brown jersey material.

The sleeves of the jacket are plain and have no obi pattern.

It is a special outfit that you can wear in a slightly gorgeous place.

This customer was also made to wear when commended for his current job.


Obi jacket

You can wear it gorgeously by matching the jacket alone with a plain dress.

The obi has a woven part and a plain part, so you can make it by combining them.

Obi dress

The dress is made of jersey material.

As for the jersey material, it is important to select a material that does not lose the presence of the obi.

Obi dress

That's right!

It is a dress that uses a chrysanthemum crest obi.

She is also a private self-defense official, and she also attends meetings like wearing this dress (laughs).

This is perfect for me!

I had you choose this obi.

This obi was in our store.

We have a lot of obi and kimono for those who don't have them.

This dress uses lace to make the sleeves look lighter.

You can enjoy various arrangements like this.

Did you understand the image of the obi dress?

If you are thinking of disposing of the obi, please feel free to contact us.