You can also remake the obi! Tokyo kimono remake azu

2021/01/15 blog
Obi remake skirt

Kimono and obi are a set.

If you have a kimono, you also have an obi.

I think many people have a lot of obi.

I think the kimono has the image of a remake,

What do you do with the obi?

Of course, you can also remake the obi!

Since the obi is basically a woven fabric, it is harder and heavier than a kimono. That is why there is a remake of.

There are various types of obi.

We are proposing obi remake clothes that match the obi.

The photo is a skirt with an obi.

It has a good presence.

And it's pretty warm!

Obi skirt

This is a mini skirt with a children's obi.

It's cute to wear with your boots in winter.

Perfectly compatible with the black turtle!

Obi remake skirt

Here, a part of the obi is stretched on the jersey material. I'm using a thin band.

This dignity just used for a part!

As expected, the obi!

On the contrary, the obi stands out.

I think that the obi may be partially used like this.

Obi remake dress

Like the skirt I mentioned earlier, this one also uses a partial Sunday obi.

Others use thick jersey material.

Kimono and obi often go well with black.

This obi is even more perfect because the ground is black!

This dress was very popular.

Obi remake dress

Both me and the two customers are obi dresses.

I feel like a jumper skirt that uses only an obi.

The customer uses an obi for the white jersey material. It's pretty gorgeous.

The image of remake is difficult, but because it is a obi, there are ways to use it.

Obi is more expensive than kimono and

There is a sense of quality and presence unique to textiles.

We will propose dresses and skirts that look good on your obi.

Please contact us before disposing of it.