Kimono conventions don't matter! Tokyo kimono remake azu

2021/01/14 blog
Kimono remake dress

Kimono has many rules.

Seasonal pattern,

Kimono materials such as roast and squeeze,

The scenes to wear tomesode and furisode are decided.


Yes, there is a story that kimonos were originally made to sell kimonos.

This pattern is this season,

Compared to clothes, there are many rules!


Once you've made it into clothes, it doesn't matter anymore!

Yes, you can wear it all year round.

It's rational, isn't it?

Recently, the season of clothes has almost disappeared,

Everyone is free to wear their favorite clothes.

Even so, the kimono looks like ...

If you don't know about kimono, it's difficult to wear it!

The chances of wearing a kimono are reduced.


Let's turn the kimono into clothes!

And let's wear it freely all year round ♪

The photo is a dress made from the kimono that my mother is wearing.

I use a kimono for the jersey material.

The sleeves are transparent, but my mother wears a black turtle.

If you think about how to wear it like this, you can wear it all year round.




The squeezed kimono is also a winter kimono.

But if you make it a dress, you can wear it all year round.

Now that the heating is working in winter, it's okay to wear short sleeves or sleeveless in winter.

And since the kimono material, pure silk, is cool in summer and warm in winter, you can wear it all year round.

Only woolen kimonos are hot in summer, so it's from autumn to winter. Still, you can wear it from October to April.