Remake the kimono that sleeps at home and make it into clothes that you can wear everyday

Are there any kimonos or obis sleeping in the chest of drawers? Using such kimono, we will make your ideal clothes. We will make a careful meeting and take into consideration the customer's wearing scene and atmosphere, and one unique piece will be completed in a comfortable world.
Kimono, which has just slept, is now ready to be used again. We will do our best to respond to your wishes and requests as much as possible so that we can express our customers' commitment. Not only as a fashionable item for everyday wear, it is also suitable for special occasions such as parties, so you can transform into costumes that will captivate your surroundings.

Features of Az

If you are interested in clothes using kimono, please use it.

The dress made by remake of the kimono is called "Wamen Peace". Kimono represents the charm of Japan. In addition, since the obi is a woven fabric, it is made with great care one by one, making it a very durable material. Clothes that make use of such materials will be more attractive than kimonos that are just sleeping. When ordering, we will visit the store, take a leisurely discussion, and proceed with the discussion until we are satisfied. Therefore, you can have a wonderful Japanese piece that is perfect for you.
We would like customers from all over the world to use it, so if you have difficulty visiting Tokyo, we also use emails and photos to exchange information and have online meetings such as Zoom, so feel free to contact us. Please give me. We started the service with the feeling that we want a wide range of customers to experience the wonderfulness of Wan Peace. Why don't you try to find a new yourself with clothes that you usually feel Japanese?

Please leave the kimono remake to the veteran of the apparel world

The store is run by a two-person system, a 60-year veteran dressmaker and one-piece producer. By proposing designs by shirt professionals and dress professionals, we will create clothes that are perfect for our customers. We have received high praise from our customers. We will do our best to meet your wishes and requests. If you want to manage the kimono that sleeps in your chest of drawers, please leave it to us.
You can make clothes that suit various scenes such as one piece. In addition to everyday wear, there are also customers who dress for important events. You can also make bags and pouches by using the sturdy material of the obi. It's very nice to carry only one bag in the world, not just one in the world. You can add a new value to your sleeping kimono and use it for everyday coordination.