It is a hot topic as a shop in Tokyo where you can remake kimono.

Let's utilize the kimono that is left in the chest

As a kimono remake shop in Tokyo, we make various shapes of clothes in response to various requests from our customers. Kimono is made of wonderful materials, so the clothes made from that fabric will be even more wonderful.
We will hold careful meetings with our customers and aim for a finish that is close to what we want. We have 3 types of one-piece designs, but you can also arrange them so that you can use them as shirts or skirts. We will listen carefully to your requests and produce clothes with attention to detail. We also have designs that are suitable for everyday wear, so you can easily incorporate them into your everyday fashion.


We will remake the kimono by holding a store in Kita-Aoyama

Providing a nice Japanese peace piece that suits your wishes


We will answer the questions we receive from our customers

Either is fine, but please note that we do not wash them.

If possible, I would like you to bring it as it is.

Yes, please bring it with you.

We have kimonos available, so you can choose one, but a separate kimono fee will be charged.

Cleaning basket It can be cleaned by hand washing at home (such as silk detergent).


We will post the customer's voice sent to azu

We have received various reviews, so please refer to it.

  • Tomesode to long dress


    I regularly give lectures in China. Every time, a professional photographer will take a picture of the lecture, so be careful of your costume. When I was looking for Japanese-style clothes with a good taste, I met azu-san's Japanese dress! This time, I ordered a long dress with a remake of colored sleeves and delivered it in time for my business trip. As soon as I wore it at the lecture in Shanghai, many people praised the dress ♪ It is very nice to say that this is the only dress in the world made by remake of Japanese kimono! Was highly praised. Wampeas is easier to wear than kimono, and when you wear it, it will be gorgeous and you can show respect to the other party, so it is convenient to have one when going abroad. think. I'm also looking forward to making Japanese pieces with furisode, and I'm looking forward to that too!

  • Japanese piece using obi and georgette fabric


    I always ask for a custom dress
    Mr. Kimiyo Higashi designed and produced it. The pattern of the Shozoin pattern of the obi (the eyes of the phoenix have become ♡) and the obi that is produced from the obi...I fell in love with the timeless view of the universe at a glance. We are obsessed with, and we have a great deal of trust. The finished product is far beyond the image... A mariage with Japanese traditional beauty, soft chiffon sleeves, and a chiffon ribbon stall... It will take you to a wonderful area that you never thought of. Thank you very much. (Coach in 50s)


Please visit the shop where you can remake your kimono.


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azu Kimono Wan Peace

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3-3-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Daiichi Aoyama Building 2F

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There is a bus stop right in front of you, 4 minutes on foot from Gaienmae Station and 6 minutes on foot from Omotesando Station, so please come and visit us.

About us

Operates an apparel store that operates in Tokyo and remakes kimono

Clothes using elegant kimono fabric will be perfect for you

Is there a kimono that you inherit from your grandmother or mother sleeping in a chest of drawers? It is also an opportunity for those who have left their furisode that they wore when they were adults. Why don't you remake it into clothes and make it work again? By using the kimono cloth that you no longer wear, you can make a Japanese piece that is easy to wear and easy to move while retaining the goodness of Japanese kimono. We support a wide range of casual and formal activities. We have three types of designs, but we can make them even more so that we can make them into shirts or skirts. Why don't you remake your kimono and get the clothes that suit you?
We take the time to carefully discuss the customer's requests, so we will try to make the product as close to your request as possible. It takes about 1 hour, which is a long time, so we recommend making a reservation in advance. Why don't you make a lot of memories by wearing a wonderful Japanese piece that suits only one person in the world using your precious kimono? We look forward to hearing from you.

Kimono remake with clothes of your favorite design with your favorite pattern

We are a veteran 82-year-old dressmaker and 60-year-old dressmaker, and we are one-piece producers, and we are helping our customers to make the best clothes. Taking advantage of many years of experience, we make beautiful clothes that make the best use of designs and kimono patterns that suit our customers. Transform your clothes into a compliment for your mother, grandmother, or your precious kimono. We can make not only dresses but also shirts, skirts, and jackets, and we will offer products that meet the needs of our customers. Bags and pouches that use obi are also popular. A durable pouch will make a luxurious pouch. If you have a kimono sleeping at home, please consider it.
In addition to remaking kimonos, we also make custom dresses. It is made-to-order with a lot of charms such as "perfect size finish", "design and materials can be selected by yourself", and "process can be enjoyed". Why don't you make us the only complimentable dress in the world? Why don't you make us the only complimentable dress in the world? We look forward to hearing from you.